TÜV-Report 2016: Defects come with age / Mercedes dominates the top positions / PTI provides for traffic safety

Nearly two-thirds of all cars pass the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) without any notice of defect in Germany. Every fourth or fifth vehicle must be presented for a second inspection due to significant deficiencies. Most frequently, the inspectors complained about shortcomings in the lighting. This is clear from the TÜV Report 2016, which the VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies) presented in Berlin. For the largest used car guide, the test experts evaluated approx. 9 million general inspections of the 233 most popular car models in Germany.
TÜV-Report 2016 Titelbild
TÜV-Report 2016

The rate of significant deficiencies in the TÜV Report 2016 is 22.6% on average in all the vehicles tested, which - compared to the previous year – represents a slight decrease (2015: 23.5%). 13.6% of the cars were reported to have minor defects (2015: 12.5%); 63.7% (2015: 63.9%) did not show any defects in the general inspection. The Mercedes B-Class was awarded the golden inspection tag for the best vehicle in the age group of 2 to 3 years old cars.

Overall, six Mercedes models are in the first ten ranks, along with Audi, Porsche and Toyota. In the individual vehicles categories, the Audi A1 is at the top in the category of small cars and the Audi A3 in the category of compact cars. Mercedes triumphed with the B-Class in the van category, with the C-Class in the middle class and with the GLK in the SUV category. The most successful brand is Toyota, which is particularly well represented with their models being in the top ten in the higher age groups. “The TÜV Report reflects the manufacturers’ investments in quality,” said Dr. Klaus Brüggemann, Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board of the VdTÜV. But not only does the high production quality play a role. “Good work at the workshops and the willingness of customers to invest in maintenance and repair, pay off in the end."

More information can be obtained on the German press release and in the statistics below.