Clarification Sheets of ExNBG: 2000

15 Dokumente

ExNB 00-040-CS Procedural: Certificate of conformity issue outside scope of standards

ExNB 00-034-CS Procedural: Component temperature class label marking

ExNB 00-127-CS EN 50014:1977 Clause 22.4.3 and EN 50014:1992 clause 23.4.3, Guards for Light Transmitting Parts

ExNB 00-125-CS EN 50020:1977 and EN 50020:1994 - T-class for small coils

ExNB 00-093-CS Flame Arresters (Autonomous Protective Systems) assessment of test results obtained under instable detonation conditions

ExNB 00-059-CS Transformation of a HOTL decision 48.08 retained with ExNB/98/608 letter of May 15, 1996 into a ExNB clarification sheet

ExNB 00-055-CS Cables ends or cables between parts of apparatus tor types of protection other than intrinsic safety

ExNB 00-049-CS EN 50014:1992 Clause 13 Interchangeability of Group I and Group II components

ExNB 00-042-CS EN 50018:1977 CLause 6 and EN 50018:1994 Clause 7, Wear-Push Rods and Spindles in Flameproof Enclosures

ExNB 00-039-CS EN 50018:1977 CLause 14 and EN 50018:1994 Clause 15, Heating cables