First implementation report on transport white paper published

On 01 July 2016, the European Commission published its first report of the 2011 Transport White Paper (COM (2011) 144 final). The report follows the progress in the implementation of the initiatives between 2011-2016.
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After publishing the white paper on transport in 2011, the Commission initiated a broad debate on the European transport policy. The white paper describes the political guidelines for the Single European Transport Area by 2050. True to the New Legislative Framework, a competitive and resource efficient transport system shall be established in the Single Market. The roadmap shows 40 concrete initiatives among which Europe's dependence on imported oil shall be reduced and carbon emissions in transport shall be cut by 60% by 2050.

According to the Commission, it is in most cases too early to assess the success of the white paper objectives. Overall, the implementation report concludes that so far little progress has been made towards achieving the objectives of the white paper. This includes halving the amount of vehicles with combustion engines in cities by 2030. Despite a relatively high pace of new legislative proposals by the Commission, the co-legislators, European Council and European Parliament, delayed the adoption and implementation repeatedly.

The challenge remains. Policy packages that do meet the needs of road users for mobility and of society on traffic safety, still need to be developed. Only with the development of a cross-linked transport infrastructure, Europe has a secure and value-added future. According to the principle of co-modality, each mode of transport shall be used corresponding to its strengths and efficiencies in a fair competitive environment with optimally interlinked transport systems. Here, the efforts of the individual EU Member States with regard to security are of greater interest. Measures that increase the safety on Europe's roads and clear the way for a uniform European level, need to be developed.


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