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About VdTÜV

VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies) advocates technical safety and trust in products, plants and services by independent testing in Berlin and Brussels. Its members are the TÜV organisations as well as industrial companies which are affiliated with the objectives and tasks of the association. With its positions on safety in the industrialised society, on mobility as well as on products and services, VdTÜV is a sought-after contact for politicians, companies, associations and authorities. The Association is committed to adapting rules and standards to the latest technological standards at all times.

VdTÜV in Brussels

European legislative procedures have a direct effect upon national legislation in the Member States. The legal framework of consumer protection and the European Single Market, in particular, have their origin in Brussels and are then implemented in Germany. In order to obtain information about European legislative proposals at an early stage and to advice during this process, VdTÜV maintains an office in Brussels, which serves as an important interface between politicians, companies and the public. The Association thereby permanently performs a “translational and transformative role”.

Our positions for the EU legislative period 2019-2024

Latest policy statements

Improving the Safety of Cyclists

Easily reachable and combinable means of transportation strengthen bus, train, bike, and foot traffic. Digitisation is bringing us ever closer to interlinking all traffic opportunities, creating one integrated mobility system that includes all modes of transport. Fostering bicycle traffic is an important part of this mobility transition. Improving road traffic safety, especially for bicycle traffic in urban areas, will continue to be an important issue.

Remote Access to Vehicle Data for ensuring Road Safety and Environmental Protection

Digitalisation is increasingly shaping the environment of people and companies. The Internet of Things has the potential to connect everything with everything else, including in the mobility sector; functionalities no longer originate in the component itself, but rather in the system context. The complexity is becoming more challenging to fully comprehend, providing more opportunities for ill-tempered entities to compromise (sub)systems or IoT components. That is why the VdTÜV demands a secure, neutral, and non-discrimonatory access to data of automated vehicles.


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Core Principles


With process chains and technologies being globally connected, the principle of independent testing and inspection becomes more and more essential to international agreements and business models.

Members of VdTÜV

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