Technical Secretariats

National and International experience exchange of Notified Bodies hosted by VdTÜV


Community of interest of Notified Bodies for Medical Devices in Germany (IG-NB)

Mark Küller

German working group on pressure vessels (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehälter)

Ingo Blohm

German experience exchange of inspection bodies (ZLS EK Rof)

Dr. Hermann Dinkler

German experience exchange of Notified Bodies at the Federal motor transport authority (KBA)

Frank Schneider

German experience exchange of accredited Inspection Bodies (EK ZÜS) with the working groups (AK)
  • EK ZÜS AK pressure equipment
  • EK ZÜS AK lifts
  • EK ZÜS AK fire and explosion protection

Dr. Hermann Dinkler
André Siegl
Claudia Tautorus

German coordination committee of organisations as per Directive 98/48/EC (VAwS)
  • General assembly of the expert organisations
  • Coordination committee of the expert organisations
  • Experience exchange of the testing, inspecting and certifying bodies (PÜZ-Stellen)

Dr. Hermann Dinkler

Technical secretariats of Notified Bodies National | European
  • Lifts
  • Pressure equipment (CABF PED/SPVD)
  • Tanks for hazard goods (ADR, GGVSEB)
  • Explosion protection (ATEX Notified Bodies Group)

Ingo Blohm
Dr. Hermann Dinkler
Dr. Alexander Schröer
André Siegl

Last updated in January 2018