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The Single Market is an integral part of everyday life in Europe and its importance continues growing. Conformity with the requirements on products and services is the key for a smooth functioning of the Single Market as well as for the protection of the health and safety of European citizens.
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Europe has become deeply integrated into global markets. Although Europe represents only seven percent of the world population, the EU's share in imports and exports of goods is 20 percent worldwide. The free exchange of goods and services within the European Economic Area (EEA) affects consumers and businesses equally. The objective of the European trade policy is to further reduce the barriers to trade and to services by harmonizing economic and legal conditions and to further strengthen the Single Market. Uniform requirements for products and services and their conformity is only one bullet point out of 12 VdTÜV key factors for a smooth functioning of the Single Market. The 'New Approach' should be designed and applied as a coherent and internationally competitive regulatory framework for the marketing of products and services.

Latest Position

Market Surveillance

National market surveillance has to identify and withdraw defective goods from the market. In reality, this principle is hardly applied.


Germany ranks third on the European Transport Scoreboard 2016

In the 2016 edition of the EU Transport Scoreboard comparing the 28 Member States, Germany shares the overall third rank with Austria. The top perfomers are the Netherlands (1st) and Sweden (2nd).

CEOC publishes position paper on Market Surveillance

In its position from 19/09/2016, CEOC International strengthens the importance of regulatory market surveillance and independent third party testing, joining the VdTÜV position from 16/10/2015.

EU Commission establishes contractual public-private partnership for cyber security

On 5 July 2016, as part of its strategy for a digital single market, the European Commission (EC) agreed on a contractual public-private partnership for cyber security (cPPP), which shall mobilise €1.8 billion in investments by 2020.