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Fit to Drive

8th International Traffic Expert Congress

Presentations: FTD 2012

25 Dokumente

Day 1; Presentation 14; Marius Martinez; Attitude change in preventing traffic accidents

Day 1; Presentation 15; Prof Javier Alvarez; Drug abuse of young drivers

Day 1; Presentation 16; Tamara Ranner; Use of video technologies in driving instructor education

Day 2; Presentation 01; Dr Chaloupka-Risser; Perspectives on speed

Day 2; Presentation 02; Lars Englund; Fitness to drive and visual field regulations

Day 2; Presentation 03; Aslak Fyhri; From cradle to car seat

Day 2; Presentation 04; Thomas Kramer; Towards integrated long-term education for novice drivers in Switzerland

Day 2; Presentation 05; Inger Lis Rasmussen; Alcohol- and traffic courses in Denmark

Day 2; Presentation 06; Horst Ziegler; Relapse rate of drink-drivers after MPA

Day 2; Presentation 07; Elena Valdes; Fermina Sanchez; driver assessment present and future