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Fit to Drive

8th International Traffic Expert Congress

Presentations: FTD 2013

27 Dokumente

Day 1; Presentation 11; Dr Vanlaar; Brain on board

Day 1; Presentation 12; Dr Spahn; The importance of road environment factors for road safety

Day 1; Presentation 13; Kay Schulte; Standardized individual learning assessment

Day 2; Presentation 01; Dr Schade; A traffic rule compliance model

Day 2; Presentation 02; Dr Paridon; Effects of listening to music on headphones

Day 2; Presentation 03; Dr Georgsdottir; A pilotstudy into Fitness to drive

Day 2; Presentation 05; Dr Mueller; A new european traffic safety initiative TPI

Day 2; Presentation 06; Dr Schoemig; Compensation strategies of drivers in the interaction with secondary tasks

Day 2; Presentation 07; Dr Bock; Traffic accidents

Day 2; Presentation 08; Prof Pereira da Silva; Behaviour and mental workload in driving a vehicle