Trade policy will be the key factor of the European Union's 2020 Strategy. With the Single Market opening up further, consumers will even have a wider product and services range to choose from. But at the same time, they have to be able to trust that the products are safe and conforming. Independent conformity assessment is an integral part of well-functioning trade.

Single Market

The 'New Approach' is a coherent and internationally competitive regulatory framework for the marketing of products and services.

Trade Agreements

Large economic areas benefit from trade agreements

Position papers

VdTÜV Position: Successfully shaping European trade policy

Why “legal harmonisation” and “mutual recognition” cannot be the best solutions for the removal of trade barriers between the EU and other states in the short or medium term. VdTÜV proposes a different, more pragmatic approach: Bilateral or Multilateral Conformity Assessments - they would ease trading significantly within the framework of trade agreements.

VdTÜV Position: Upgrade the Single Market with compliant products and services

Europe needs an effective market surveillance


CEOC publishes position paper on Market Surveillance

In its position from 19/09/2016, CEOC International strengthens the importance of regulatory market surveillance and independent third party testing, joining the VdTÜV position from 16/10/2015.