Product Safety

Safe products and services, responsible corporate action in dealing with human capital and resources are important issues. With the provision of their services, in which they focus on neutrality and prevention, the TÜV organisations give consumers confidence: A product that has been independently tested prior to its launch, is always the safest. However, society demands even more. Global production processes must comply with ethical standards. The TÜV organisations are important partners in the issue of corporate social responsibility.

Marks and Markings

Test marks are an indispensable and reliable guideline for consumers

Medical Devices

For a secure and transparent medical devices' legislation


VdTÜV Position: Successfully shaping European trade policy

Why “legal harmonisation” and “mutual recognition” cannot be the best solutions for the removal of trade barriers between the EU and other states in the short or medium term. VdTÜV proposes a different, more pragmatic approach: Bilateral or Multilateral Conformity Assessments - they would ease trading significantly within the framework of trade agreements.

VdTÜV Position: Information security of smart products in Europe

Does the regulatory framework for product safety remain up to the task in regard to smart products or is there a need for legislative adjustments?

VdTÜV Position: Regulatory improvement for safe and secure IoT products in Europe required

The connecting of devices and machines on the internet to complex systems leads to extended functionalities which can no longer be solely located within the individual product itself, but are instead located within the back end system and/or product network.