Data Protection

A safe and trustful handling of personal and business data enhances business success
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Data protection is about the safe and trustful handling of personal data. The importance of data protection has constantly increased since the development of digital technology. Privacy protection has an influence on the company's success.


VdTÜV Position: Data Protection, IT Security & Compliance as a Basis for New Business Models in Digital Connected Mobility

Modern cars with their large number of electronic control units are, according to the public opinion, susceptible to hacker attacks. Thus, IT security is becoming more and more important in the industry. VdTÜV emphasises three aspects that must be guaranteed: the operational safety of the vehicle, IT security and data protection as well as the privacy of drivers.

VdTÜV Position: Information security of smart products in Europe

Does the regulatory framework for product safety remain up to the task in regard to smart products or is there a need for legislative adjustments?

VdTÜV Position: Regulatory improvement for safe and secure IoT products in Europe required

The connecting of devices and machines on the internet to complex systems leads to extended functionalities which can no longer be solely located within the individual product itself, but are instead located within the back end system and/or product network.