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Data Protection

A safe and trustful handling of personal and business data enhances business success
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Data protection is about the safe and trustful handling of personal data. The importance of data protection has constantly increased since the development of digital technology. Privacy protection has an influence on the company's success.


VdTÜV Position: Safety and security for automated driving

Automated driver assistance systems are the key to future individual mobility - and for autonomous vehicles. But drivers need legal certainty when using these systems. In connected mobility, data relating to the vehicle and the vehicle owner must be protected and protection against cyberattacks must be ensured.

VdTÜV Position: Requirements for the telematics interface in vehicles

The future connected car requires a new safety and protection concept (automotive platform). Data protection as well as vehicle safety and security should have priority. The objective is a uniform and interoperable standard for IT security and functional safety in the vehicle.

EU Commission establishes contractual public-private partnership for cyber security

On 5 July 2016, as part of its strategy for a digital single market, the European Commission (EC) agreed on a contractual public-private partnership for cyber security (cPPP), which shall mobilise €1.8 billion in investments by 2020.